Satmarin is a global satellite VSAT and TVRO service provider specialized in delivering turn key state-of-the-art solutions for the maritime commercial, offshore and leisure market.

We work in close relation with you to offer our expertise in the design and implementation of Maritime Satellite TV and regional or global Internet connections.

Exoflux is the terrestrial equivalent of Satmarin, specialized in CotM/SoTM (Communication on the Move/Satellite on the Move),  news gathering, 3G/LTE aggregation and a wide range of other communication solutions.

Exoflux is specialized in Enterprise, Industry and Governmental solutions which require state-of-the-art robust hybrid communications.

As an expert in the field we have operational relationships with the major satellite owners, teleports, datacenters and service providers globally and will always offer you the best solution and rate available.

Whichever your requirements are our goal is to inform you as completely as possible about the different possibilities and which technology would fit your needs.

Experts in Mobile Communication

You are unique: your company, your vessel, your crew, your guests, your routes, your plans, your wishes, … they should all converge to a solution specifically designed for you without trying to break the bank or having to stand on the upper deck with an antenna in your hand to catch the harbour’s WiFi.

There is quite a bit of technology available and we aspire to make it as accessible and efficient as possible. Whether you are a seasoned communication professional or satellite communication is not your forte you can access our broad communication portfolio and we will find the right solution with you.

Latest News

Kymeta u7 Terminal Controller It is with great pleasure and a little bit of pride that we officially launch the product of our 2020 COVID-19 confinement: the Kymeta Controller App Currently available in the Google App Store it will allow Kymeta mTenna u7 Terminal owners and Kymeta engineers to control this marvellous piece of technology from their pocket. VSAT …
New Release: Intellian v60E The v60E is a light weight and affordable Ku-band stabilized VSAT maritime antenna system which is designed to support entry into new market sectors and increase our competitive edge in the 65cm class. The v60E combines new technology and features with powerful RF performance, in a compact and light mechanical design. The Intellian v60E / …
Telenor Satellite announces THOR 7 type approval for Intellian’s v85NX antenna system. On 20 May 2020 Telenor Satellite, Europe’s most versatile satellite operator, has announced its approval of Intellian’s v85NX antenna after successful sea trials. It will be used with Telenor Satellite’s THOR 7 Anker Maritime Ka-band service. THOR 7 has long been established as the optimal choice for clients looking for premium VSAT connectivity across Europe. …